2. Dope Arcade - Ascension (MitiS Remix)
    Free Music : Life Of Sin Part 4 (MitiS)
    Free Music : Expose (MitiS)


  3. jeremysorese:

    Recently I did a little drawing for my bud Adam and his new project, a 2013 planner and you have six days left for pre-orders through his Kickstarter.

    11 other illustrators have drawings in the planner all focused around the theme of luck and I’m a bit of sucker for making wishes on eyelashes.

    Check it out and donate here!


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  6. andrewindelicato:

    peering into silence II    16”x16” round acrylic on round panel 




  9. It requires a certain mental state


  10. man-and-camera:

    Milkyway ➾ Luke Gram


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  13. Sometimes everything all moves just too fucking fast